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Why Choose Portable Toilets

Friday, June 12, 2009 12:40
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Portable toilets or mobile toilets have been around for years. Many users do not really fathom why there are needs for portable toilet when there are normal washrooms.

Normal washrooms are usually built in a fixed location. They are usually built with a flushing toilet, a cistern, wash basin, tap and shower stalls or bath tubs. As the installation of these accessories are fixed, meaning they are not allowed to be placed or moved anywhere upon installation, a user cannot disassemble the washroom without demolishing certain toilet accessories.

Unlike normal washrooms, portable toilets/ mobile toilets are built for mobility and easy access of installation. A user can move the portable toilet to their desired locations with the help of a pallet truck, fork lift, crane or just by disassembling.

Portable toilets can be moved and installed within hours instead of normal fixed washrooms that needs a few days to fabricate and install. Portable toilets can also be installed or placed in compact areas, natural disasters refugee camp and events. As it is portable, it can be immediately removed or taken away once the need for the toilet has ended and be placed at another required area.

Portable toilets come in many designs and functions. Some are designed for only basic uses while some are fully furbished as you might get from a normal washroom or housing toilet. There are also portable toilets designed for people with disabilities and these usually are accompanied with large toilet space and furbished with handicap friendly toilet accessories.

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