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What is a Web Directory?

Thursday, October 1, 2009 10:05
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Firstly, a user must take note that a web directory is not a search engine. Many have made the mistake of thinking that these two are the same whereas they are two different entities. A web directory does not lists down all the pages (websites) based on keyword but instead categorised all the websites by groups that suits the websites best.

There are a few types of web directories and you can find some stated below:-

  • Free Web Directory:- Submission to this directory is free, no cost is charged.
  • Paid Directory:- Submission of listing in this directory is chargeable and usually comes in a package to draw more users.
  • Reciprocal Directory:- A link back to the directory is mandatory in exchange for your listing.
  • Affiliated Directory:- Directories earn commissions for referring customers to the sites listed in the directory.
  • Bid for Position Directory: Listers (website owners) have to bid or pay for a higher fee to be listed on their hot Ads Areas where visibility and click on rates are higher.

Usually website owners who listed their sites in these directories wishes to have more traffic coming into their sites. Shopping website owners rely heavily on this service as they need as much traffic as they can get to sell their online products.

Examples of well established web directories are Yahoo Directory, DMOZ and Google.

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