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Technical Issues Resolved

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 8:44
Posted in category Technical Faults, Updates

We have finally resolved the technical issue that had created quite a mess in our main website. For some users, they may have experienced a blank page error or a page redirect to RA TREE Blog in the past few days. No worries on that anymore since the website is now back online.

We have also ditched the old layout and system and scavage for a new and better platform. The is now more cleaner, More User Friendly and More interaction between viewers.

Viewers and Users can now leave your comments or even sales enquiry on the product page itself and our sales personnel will reply within two days. Users can now leave their email address and contact details on the comments list about products enquiries without having to fear their contact details being circulated around.

Enjoy browsing and don’t be hesitant to leave comments!

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