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Standby for S of a Disaster

Thursday, November 8, 2007 18:45
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Standby for more disaster as the HUGE IDIOTIC RAT is up to his old tricks and messing with cascading and some development in the web server cluster 3-13. As reported today, he will be implementing the Kedai TV Klicks which will integrate with the blogging system and the accounting with the php Advertising System, which is supposed to work properly with the Photo Server and the phpBB Forum database system.

As we all know how disastrous Ninja RAT is at programming and al the more he is recoding the ioncube with php and SQL inserts and call ups with the payment gateway authorisation.

What made worst was the little NOISY NAPPY THROWING MOUSE aka Princess Tun King Tia made a huge commotion today in the GSC Sunway Mall Cinema while being too excited and bored to death at the same time with the BEE MOVIE. Excited ..Yes.. Noisy…yes… BORED AND LOOKING FOR TROUBLE? ALSO YES.

So, standby for some mishaps while Test Application is run on LIVE DATABASE PRODUCTION SERVERS!

Don’t say we did not warn you RATS.
Here..Have a Cake…
Chocolate Cheese Cake

Compliments of Noisy Mouse Inc.

Very Noisy Messy Nappy

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