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Safety Tips to Undertake When Taking Public Transport

Friday, October 24, 2008 6:17
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When taking public transport like buses, taxi or trains, we must never let our defenses down and must always be aware of our belongings. Culprits such as pickpockets and molesters always take the opportunity in crowded places where they can easily pull out their dirty tricks.

Since I happen to be a public commuter for years, I’ve jotted down some tips to avoid these unwanted mishaps. Please take note that the below mentioned does not guarantee the safety of your belongings. It’s just ways in crime prevention.

1) Avoid Public Molesting

This happens usually to the women. When taking public transport, bear in mind that you are going public, thus sharing your personal space with strangers for the same purpose of commuting. You are not taking your car to arrive at your desired locations, therefore women listen!

Do not wear any clothes that may attract unwanted attentions. IF you value your modesty & honor, ditch those Versace Deep V-plunging neckline blouses, mini skirts, high slit Dolce & Gabanna dresses and those hot sexy pants.

Trust me, you do not want to receive leering looks,constant peeking looks in an effort to catch another glimpse of your bountiful cleavage. If you’re unlucky, you’d even get an occasional groping on your rump.

So no sexy clothes!

2) Be considerate to your neighbouring commuter.

Try avoid using high heels or stilettos. Standing for hours in packed environment will kill your legs. It will cause a lot of pain in your leg muscles and if you’re unfortunate, you’d find yourself experiencing back problems.

Furthermore, I doubt your neighbours would appreciate having his feet being stepped on.

3) Don’t talk on your mobile phone loudly.

I hate having to listen to a person’s conversation who are a few meters away from me. I don’t mind people answering their phones if it’s an emergency. But it’d be very considerate if you can continue your conversation later in a perhaps less packed environment.

I don’t want to hear what you’ll be having for dinner!

4) Blaring your music on your handphone.

I do not appreciate listening the music blasting from your phone. So all of us knew you have a handphone. I do too and so is everyone else. But not all of us appreciated the songs that are blaring out loudly. I happen to love my peace and tranquility after a tiring day at the office.

So unless you want others especially me curse you in losing your mobile phone, we’d appreciate you keeping the music to yourself.

5) Move into the rear end of the bus or train.

I hate to keep shouting and requesting irritating ignorant commuters to move into the rear end of the bus. Other new commuters pay for their fares too and we’d like to have the ability to hold onto something when the bus is moving. There are no monsters at the rear end, so MOVE!

6) Do not litter in the bus!

Don’t you hate it when you finally got a seat, the stupid selfish idiot that sat before you left a momento for other commuters. I hate rubbish, so do not litter! What’s so difficult in holding onto the rubbish for a few moment? If my niece can do it, so can you.

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