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Practice good hygiene

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 13:11
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It looks that everyone is sick and the attempt to contain the massive spreading disease, H1N1, is proving to be too tough for every country. As the influenza is highly contagious especially air borne, it is best to take up some good practices for a good hygiene.

1) Always cough in a tissue paper or your hand if there isn’t any tissue paper around.

2) Wash your hands immediately after you cough/sneeze onto your hands.

3) Wear a mask when you don’t feel well especially if you suspect that you are having flu or a cold.

4) Always wash your hands after you use the toilet and if you there are any sanitizers, use them. You might be surprised at how many germs and bacteria you may receive by  just touching the door knob of the toilet cubicles.

5) If you feel unwell, do the responsible thing and try to only stay at home. Call your office and inform them of your condition and head immediately to the doctor wearing a mask. The patients who goes to the clinic are unwell people and you may not want to spread your disease to them and if you’re unlucky contract any from them also.

6) Get a shower or a bath every time you return from an outing. Germs and bacterias are everywhere. You do not know if the shopper beside you are infected with an incubated disease thus it is best to always get a shower after you return from an outing or work.

7) Change your beddings regularly. It is advisable to change it weekly. Bacterias and germs flourish in a dirty environment and unchanged and dirtied linens and beddings are a good nesting point for them.

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