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How to earn extra with the upcoming recession

Sunday, June 22, 2008 5:30
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With the ever rising fuel price especially since the government has increased the price of fuel since they couldn’t afford anymore outrageous fuel subsidy in fear of draining the government coffers, workers have been scouring high and low for part time jobs and opting for more OT jobs. Can’t blame since with the fuel hike, all the items even the groceries have increased their selling cost to cover their increasing expenses.

While most of the workers in Ra Tree have been seen burning their evening and late-nights pouring out on their jobs just to get their OT and extra income, others have been sharing their experience in making some sideline cash via online. Le Vamp is partly to be blamed since she has been in this industry for donkey years and when word was out that she has been making money out of her hobby which most of us thought as her normal work routine, Le Vamp became an instant celebrity.

Poor Le Vamp finally admitted to her extra income to her starving and intimidating colleagues. Most of them can be seen having question marks in their eyes as she told them about how blogging can make money. How could anyone make any dollars from just yapping and gossiping their nonsense on a website?

Well surprisingly the system works almost like writing an article for a publisher. The only difference is that while writers get paid hundreds for an article, bloggers get paid a small amount per article depending on the PR of the website or blog. And instead of seeing the paycheck, bloggers are paid via PayPal and electronic online payment system that connects directly to your mastercard or visa card account to either debit or credit amounts from/ to the account.

While it make sense to some of her colleagues, most were still left clueless of the information given. It’s not surprising since Le Vamp has always interacted with technical terms instead of the usual human language. Poor greedy souls…

Anyway colleagues, please take note that whatever sideline jobs you are undertaking, as long as it doesn’t affect the company and your working output, you can continue. We don’t want to lose anyone of you due to your greed. Cheers!

Its not OK to read Employees SMS n Emails

Saturday, June 21, 2008 2:01
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We were reading our daily news today, during our free and no work hours (it’s Saturday and we love our privileges granted by the big boss) and we thought to share with everyone in the office this particular little gossip.

In LA Times, a court has judged that it is NOT OK to read employees emails and text messages (SMS) without the consent of the employee. So we the employees knows that it’s the company that is paying for the bill. We totally appreciate it. But there are times when personal respect and privacy over-rules the ownership of the bills paying and therefore we would love it if our boss do not open up our emails or sms and read them.

Thankfully our big boss has been so considerate that we have never faced that problem before. Imagine all those weird and EHEM messages sent to our friends and our spouses and unknowingly, our boss has been snooping behind our back.. *shudders*

Scary thought… Very scary thought!

Perhaps we should plan another one of those whacked out birthday bash for him this year. Hehehe…

Le Vamp lost her head

Thursday, May 29, 2008 6:21
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Psst!! Psst!!

Heard that Le Vamp nearly tore her head off. She was busy working on the latest designs of the prototype of the Portable Toilets when everything went kapoot on her.

Her bellows could be heard all the way from the other end of the office. Pity the people who had to be logged near her office. Perhaps the boss should have made a padded sound proof room for her. She’s scary enough to scare the ghost off their graves.

Too bad we couldn’t capture her scary stomps and put it online. The look is enough to give anyone a nightmare. After all, she is the company’s vampire.

Make Your Business Eco Friendly

Saturday, May 24, 2008 8:19
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Credits to this article goes to Nur Asyikin, a writer from, who has diligently put up some tips on how to make the office more Eco Friendly. After all, everyone must play a part to help save the earth since we were the culprit that took Gaia for granted and chuck all the rubbish at her literally.

Anyone who is interested in her articles, you may find it in or reach her at her website.

As the world ages, top eco activists scrambles for ways to save the dying Gaia. Schools, institutes, homemakers and even companies are doing their part in trying to save the boiling earth. And you may be surprised that a simplest thing such as recycling can not only saves the earth, but also save lessen your financial burden. Below are some ideas to get you through.

Reduce, reuse and recycle. That is the biggest tip any eco-friendly person would advice you on.

If you run your business in the office, the best way you can do your part is to reduce the waste paper. There are times when printed one sided papers became unusable, therefore you can always reuse these piles into waste paper for jotting down notes or even rough sketch workings. Always use double sided when printing, it saves paper and it saves you from forking out more money. Once all the waste paper has been fully used, set it aside for the recycling company to pick it up.

Go Techie. Use email for documents which does not need the importance of printing. Excess printings can increase the paper usage, thus causing more trees to be cut down.

Turn off the lights, air-conditioner and any appliances when not in use. Turning off these fixtures when not in use not only saves you the utilities bills but it also reduces the amount of energy usage produce by power plants. In order to produce electricity, some power plants have to rely on natural resources such as coal, crude oil and even nuclear power to produce enough electricity to support the growing economy. As the world ages, these natural resources will be left exhausted and the waste that is released from these power plants are also hazardous.

Bring you own coffee mug and ditch the Styrofoam cups. These plastics take up to a minimum of one thousand years to decompose. This act can also help reduce the plastic productions and wastes.

Forget the expensive air-purifier and go for the natural one. Bring in the potted plants to the office. Not only do they do well for your landscaping, it also produces oxygen when they photosynthesize.

Used tea bags in your office pantry can become great compost fertilizers for your office potted plants. Although you’d better bury the tea powder in the plant soil to stop the smell that usually will take place when you do compost fertilizing.

Stock up your pantry with local farmer’s produce. Even though not everyone may like vegetables as part of their diet, but it is far healthier than the processed tin foods.

Do your part in saving the earth. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

New Look!! Finally..

Friday, May 23, 2008 8:56
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FInally, the lazy LeVamp has finally managed to get all updates up and the designs reconstructed.

Of course being the lazy her, instead of designing and making everything from scratch, she just took the best of the random web designs that had been plucked onto her desktop. But you have to admit, the designs are much more nicer on the eyes without those ugly graphics glaring back at us.

Currently all of the RATs 3 staffs are waiting eagerly for the Petra Blanka results, of course we are still busy typing away or stressing our eyes on our work… From whatever the judge was blabbering, the results sounds very promising to Johor. Looks like we are about to win back what was initially and had been Johor’s.

Too bad for the Lion CIty.. Singapore has just got to be contented with the other small islands that are legally under their jurisdiction. Unfortunately for them, all of them are mostly used as a dump site or reclaimed into being another Jurong Island.

Anyway, we all wonder how long will it take for Le Vamp to update this LePaKz blog again… Hmm…

Upgrades and Changes

Thursday, March 27, 2008 6:45
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We will be having a down time during the weekend to implement certain drastic changes to the RAT 3 Intra OOPs! blog.

While it was nice to have static design, Le Vamp has been thumping her feet over the few months to have the layout of the blog be Re-Vamp. Can’t disagree with her on that issue.

So do not panic if you keep facing problems in accessing the company’s blog or see and any bugs doing their pesky job.

In the meantime, you can browse through our company’s product or read the rest of the RAT3 crews blog.

Ramblings of Zackire


Sunday, March 2, 2008 18:48
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Yes. It is true. I will be leaving RA Tree Intra Holding for another subsidiary of theirs which I am not inclined to comment on yet as the incorporation documents are not ready yet. So it will be a surprise to you all.

Offside. Network Services will still be as normal. I will try to maintain it, but it is the full time job of Zackire Corp. My current blog is moving into a new phase by adding the chinese domain to it, means AZRIN.CN holds barred since I got FORBES as my Core Advertiser.

So that is it. This would be my 60 day notice as per required.

Best Regards

R Azrin
Business Development Director

Network Services Not Available

Monday, February 11, 2008 3:48
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The Network and Media Services offices will be shut while system upgrades are being done by the every lazy Geek. Wouldn’t blame em as it’s alot of data to move on and move off.

Still available :
Domain Registrations
WEBSHOP Instant Setup

Others… I’m not sure. This affects only Northern Development Offices. *(Lazy buggers!)

Close for The Year Of The Rat

Saturday, February 2, 2008 3:47
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Please take note that Ra Tree Intra Services and Ra Tree Intra Holdings and all of its subsidiaries will be taking a well deserved rest in lieu of the Chinese New Year Holidays. It will be effective from 4th FebĀ  2008 to 10th Feb 2008.

We will continue and get back on our lazy bums on the 11th Feb 2008 and work will be as per normal. Should there need any emergency enquiries, kindly contact your respective Ra Tree Intra Holdings representative.

Many good wishes and prosperity New Year to all Chinese around the world.

Reported by: Le Vamp

Network Disruptions

Friday, January 11, 2008 17:19
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We are made aware of our NETAPP Server gave way last night by our service providers in the East Coast, (Burlington, Mass).

As such, The following Services are down:
DNS Servers of BBS.NU (Note : 58 Domains and Servers are clustered there)
BBS.NU Community Network
Geeks Corner ( )
iExploreAsia Media
iExploreAsia Singapore
iExploreAsia US
iExploreAsia Media Malaysia
Gizmonet-intraweb Domain Services
Nufflets US Mirror (yes we do mirror them)
Singaporean in Europe
Athira Baby

Also Affected:
Perkahwinan ORG Banner Server [Cluster 10 / 13]
Kedai Dot TV
Kedai dot US
Marketplace , Banner Services, Advertising System are also affected.

Services not affected:

AZRIN INFO WEB aka SEO Engineering 101
Marlinda Radzi dot Com
My Kitchen Disasters

We will update you shortly.