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Note to Advertisers

Friday, June 19, 2009 13:57
Posted in category ADVERTISERS READ ME

Advertisers, kindly read the below note for RAT 3 Intra OOPS / Terms and Conditions.

RAT3 Intra Opps

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We allow you to blockquote our articles and posts with the condition of linking back to us for trackbacks. “Copy / Paste” our articles or posts is strictly prohibited and we will take legal actions to those who fail to follow our rules.

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Any ideas or contents which are discussed in RAT 3 Intra OOPs! are not allowed to be copied and used in any websites unless stated otherwise.


1) RAT 3 Intra OOPs! DO NOT JUST BLOG FOR MONEY. Just because you see a review of a product or website doesn’t mean it is a paid post. Most posts or reviews written are based on voluntary works. Should you wish to purchase any articles written on RAT 3 Intra OOPs!, kindly forward your enquiries to Purchase of Article.

Our articles are based on per article and ranges from USD$10 to USD$65 per article and full ownership and publishing will be handed to the publisher. Our articles quality ranges on the amount being paid for the ownership.

If you pay us a low amount like USD$5, then you will get an article worthy for that amount. However should you pay us USD$40, then you will get a wide and comprehensive article. We have been paid USD$120 for an article for a publisher before and was given a good recommendation by them.

2) RAT 3 Intra OOPs! runs on Ads. Yes, we run on advertisement from PayPerClick, PayPerVisit to other forms of advertisement found in Adsense and NuffNang. The funds collected are used to support the hosting and maintanence of RAT 3 Intra OOPs!.

Where do you think we get the funds from? It’s not cheap to maintain a website these days…

4) Comments are well appreciated on RAT 3 Intra OOPs!. However we do not accept spam and your IP will be forever banned from entering RAT 3 Intra OOPs!. We hate spams, so don’t bother us with it.

Why Choose Portable Toilets

Friday, June 12, 2009 12:40
Posted in category Portable Toilet

Portable toilets or mobile toilets have been around for years. Many users do not really fathom why there are needs for portable toilet when there are normal washrooms.

Normal washrooms are usually built in a fixed location. They are usually built with a flushing toilet, a cistern, wash basin, tap and shower stalls or bath tubs. As the installation of these accessories are fixed, meaning they are not allowed to be placed or moved anywhere upon installation, a user cannot disassemble the washroom without demolishing certain toilet accessories.

Unlike normal washrooms, portable toilets/ mobile toilets are built for mobility and easy access of installation. A user can move the portable toilet to their desired locations with the help of a pallet truck, fork lift, crane or just by disassembling.

Portable toilets can be moved and installed within hours instead of normal fixed washrooms that needs a few days to fabricate and install. Portable toilets can also be installed or placed in compact areas, natural disasters refugee camp and events. As it is portable, it can be immediately removed or taken away once the need for the toilet has ended and be placed at another required area.

Portable toilets come in many designs and functions. Some are designed for only basic uses while some are fully furbished as you might get from a normal washroom or housing toilet. There are also portable toilets designed for people with disabilities and these usually are accompanied with large toilet space and furbished with handicap friendly toilet accessories.

To view more of portable toilet/ mobile toilets designs that RA TREE INTRA HOLDINGS have, kindly visit their product page which is linked here.

How to Surf the Internet Safely

Monday, June 8, 2009 1:47

With the internet ever revolving and constantly updated and used by millions of users every second, it is not uncommon when a user suddenly have a difficulty in using his internet browser to surf the internet. Some of the problems faced are multi pop-up ads that unfortunately still runs amok in many households. Some of the most serious cases can even lead to his account like Facebook or even personal banking account being logged in and used by another user other than the owner.

1) Why should I be wary of surfing the internet?

The Internet is vast and no doubt is a good source of knowledge it is also a playground for illicit programs that can harm your computer and even your bank account. Some examples of dangerous contents are virus, worms, trojans, spyware and malware.

2) How to even know whether the website I’m looking at is safe?

If you have an anti-virus, a valid one like Mc Afee, Norton or AVG, they will have a user interface tool bar that will show you if the website is safe or not. You will need to install the internet browser add on from the software itself. It is a good addition to your internet browser since it will notify you whenever you are about to enter a website that has malicious programs hiding and awaiting to just sneak into your computer without your knowledge.

3) How to identify that your computer is infected by malicious programs?

You won’t realise that your computer has been infected until your computer starts to work against you. If you experience multiple pop up ads at random, slow internet connection and your computer progres is chugging at a snail pace when previously was a race horse, then you can confirmed your PC is infected.

4) How to ‘cure’ my sick PC?

Like all viruses and influenza, the cultivation time for the virus to start destroying your PC will take a few days before it makes it presence.  Curing or bringing back your PC to its peak health takes a lot of time and a lot of patience because you need to constantly re-check with your anti-virus.

To get rid of stubborn spyware and malwares, you need to download a free software called SpyBot. Update the software to its newest library version before you run the software.

Then you will have to clean all of your private data of your browser so that the malware would not hide in between the cookies. To do that, you would have to open your Internet Browser.

For Mozilla Firefoz users, you would need to click on the TOOLS of your navigation bar found on top of your browser. Then click on the Click Private Data. Click all of the options in the window and click on CLEAR PRIVATE DATA NOW.

For Internet Explorer (IE) user, on your navigation bar found on top of your browser, click on Internet Options. Click on Delete Cookies, Delete Files and Delete History.

Once that is done, run your SpyBot software and let it scan. It will take 30mins to a few hours for a full scan to complete, depending on how large  your data files are. Once the full scan is completed, you can view how many files were infected. Click on the button to heal the infected files. Don’t worry if some files are not able to heal.

Run your anti-virus software. Do not ever attempt to download unsafe anti-virus softwares that proclaimed to be free and efficient. I would strongly suggest AVG free anti-virus if you ever need a free and good anti-virus. Other than that you can try the paid ones like Norton Anti-virus, Kapersky or Mc Afee.

As usual, update your anti-virus and then let the program run. Once its completed heal all the infected files. There! You have successfully completed in cleaning up your computer.

Technocrati Claim

Saturday, June 6, 2009 3:40
Posted in category Uncategorized

Please ignore this post. Its our attempt to activate Technocrati blog claim.

Technorati Profile

Maintainence Under Way

Friday, June 5, 2009 1:42
Posted in category Updates

Please take note that we will doing a maintainence on on 5th June 2009.

Please bear with us should there be missing links and flying nav bars chasing down bugs that are just too stubborn to be de-bugged. In the mean time, please feel free to visit our technical staff, Zackire to see what she has concocted this time.

Tempeh Manufacturing

Thursday, February 12, 2009 1:19
Posted in category New Products Launching

Good news for vegetarians and all tempeh lovers out there!! RA Tree Intra Holdings is now into the steps of mass manufacturing tempeh.

Highly rich in vitamin B-12, protein and dietary fibre, it is well loved by many dietitians and vegetarians and South-East Asians. Due to its meaty texture and high content of vitamin B-12, it is usually eaten by vegetarians as another form of meat.

It is delicious when fried in hot cooking oil or stir fried with other vegetables.

Anyone interested in ordering, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Safety Tips to Undertake When Taking Public Transport

Friday, October 24, 2008 6:17
Posted in category Tips to Take up

When taking public transport like buses, taxi or trains, we must never let our defenses down and must always be aware of our belongings. Culprits such as pickpockets and molesters always take the opportunity in crowded places where they can easily pull out their dirty tricks.

Since I happen to be a public commuter for years, I’ve jotted down some tips to avoid these unwanted mishaps. Please take note that the below mentioned does not guarantee the safety of your belongings. It’s just ways in crime prevention.

1) Avoid Public Molesting

This happens usually to the women. When taking public transport, bear in mind that you are going public, thus sharing your personal space with strangers for the same purpose of commuting. You are not taking your car to arrive at your desired locations, therefore women listen!

Do not wear any clothes that may attract unwanted attentions. IF you value your modesty & honor, ditch those Versace Deep V-plunging neckline blouses, mini skirts, high slit Dolce & Gabanna dresses and those hot sexy pants.

Trust me, you do not want to receive leering looks,constant peeking looks in an effort to catch another glimpse of your bountiful cleavage. If you’re unlucky, you’d even get an occasional groping on your rump.

So no sexy clothes!

2) Be considerate to your neighbouring commuter.

Try avoid using high heels or stilettos. Standing for hours in packed environment will kill your legs. It will cause a lot of pain in your leg muscles and if you’re unfortunate, you’d find yourself experiencing back problems.

Furthermore, I doubt your neighbours would appreciate having his feet being stepped on.

3) Don’t talk on your mobile phone loudly.

I hate having to listen to a person’s conversation who are a few meters away from me. I don’t mind people answering their phones if it’s an emergency. But it’d be very considerate if you can continue your conversation later in a perhaps less packed environment.

I don’t want to hear what you’ll be having for dinner!

4) Blaring your music on your handphone.

I do not appreciate listening the music blasting from your phone. So all of us knew you have a handphone. I do too and so is everyone else. But not all of us appreciated the songs that are blaring out loudly. I happen to love my peace and tranquility after a tiring day at the office.

So unless you want others especially me curse you in losing your mobile phone, we’d appreciate you keeping the music to yourself.

5) Move into the rear end of the bus or train.

I hate to keep shouting and requesting irritating ignorant commuters to move into the rear end of the bus. Other new commuters pay for their fares too and we’d like to have the ability to hold onto something when the bus is moving. There are no monsters at the rear end, so MOVE!

6) Do not litter in the bus!

Don’t you hate it when you finally got a seat, the stupid selfish idiot that sat before you left a momento for other commuters. I hate rubbish, so do not litter! What’s so difficult in holding onto the rubbish for a few moment? If my niece can do it, so can you.

Network Call Error

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 19:11
Posted in category Technical Faults

Well, due to the incident reported by the Vamp about the power surges in the JB Head Office, we at the R&D Center have some important thing to do.. like this.

Lounging Away

So, while Vamp is sorting the mess up and the boss is resting off, we will be taking our sweet time to clear up some technical mess made by those irresponsible enough by not letting us enjoy our holidays.

So, be warned if you see something screw up. it ain’t us!

Network Services

Holiday away

Saturday, August 23, 2008 12:18
Posted in category Uncategorized

It will be a VERY long holiday next weekend, since some of our staff up north will be going for the Elections, and then Friday is a normal standard off day up north, where lazy fat rat will try to get a long paid holiday. In view of the National Day on Sunday, and Monday is the replacement day, that the Tuesday is the replacement Holiday for the Start of Ramadhan and Wednesday for North Region, the lazy R & D rats will switch off for the WHOLE OF NEXT WEEK and THE WEEK AFTER.

So, apart from that, they will be back servicing the network after 10th Sept. Also, that the Lazy Rat is busy redesigning the Chocolate Sites and the other things that are still in use.

Vamp Rat will be on call. Scratch her day off even when she is dead with Chingunya Virus.

Happy National Day Malaysia
Lazy Rat @ GizmoNET Intraweb.NU PLC
Azrin.Net /

PS:Singapore customers who wish to collect the chocolates, please tell the factory know 5 days before hand!!

How to be economically wise

Saturday, June 28, 2008 10:53
Posted in category Tips to Take up

How do one survive in this ever rising living cost world? We the K-Poh team went around the office and interviewed some of our friends. While some gave good advice and some gave ridiculous ones, we have listed the best of the crop.

1) Do not spend on items that are not a necessity.
— Yes my dears, as much as we love to spend even on the little bit of items, sometimes we tend to buy items that are not even used by us, thus wasting our hard earned money. No matter how cute or techy the item looks, think. Do you really need to buy it? What are the frequency of you using it every month? If the answer is no and 2% frequency usage, then you might as well ditch the idea and save your money for something else.

2) Use public transport to work.
— No doubt we hate to share our personal space with strangers, public transport is the best way to cut cost on your transport expenses. When we say public transport, we meant the buses. No taxis. Look at it this way, you only spend RM2.50 max on your tranport fee single trip to work instead of RM15 worth of petrol. You no need to worry about traffic jam cuz there is a driver to take care of that problem, unless you are running late for work.

You just have to wake up a bit earlier for work, walk further (good for losing extra weight ladies) and bring a foldable umbrella with you at all times. It’s easy and very save cost. Why do you think Le Vamp and Ninja Turtle manage to have a better bank account standing than any of us…

Or you can try to organise a car pool with your colleagues if you still insist on not taking the public transport.

3) Pack food from home.
Forget ego and questioning looks cast at you when you walk into the cafeteria with a Ta-Pao food in your hand. They are just jealous not thinking about the idea sooner. Packing food from home not only save you large amount of money but it also tells your wife how much you love her cooking.

4) Use fan at home instead of air-con no matter how much tempting it looks. A fan only takes up a little of your electricity bill compared to air-con. Turn off all those unecessary lights and appliances when not in use.

That seems to be the only logical ideas that graced our minds right now. However should we find any more good ideas, we will be sure to update this category.