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Note to Advertisers

Friday, June 19, 2009 13:57
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Advertisers, kindly read the below note for RAT 3 Intra OOPS / Terms and Conditions.

RAT3 Intra Opps

__________________ is the sole owner of all of the posts and articles written and seen in RAT 3 Intra OOPs!.

We allow you to blockquote our articles and posts with the condition of linking back to us for trackbacks. “Copy / Paste” our articles or posts is strictly prohibited and we will take legal actions to those who fail to follow our rules.

Should writers wishes to write any articles pertaining RAT 3 Intra OOPs! or any of content found, you may do so with links following back to

Any ideas or contents which are discussed in RAT 3 Intra OOPs! are not allowed to be copied and used in any websites unless stated otherwise.


1) RAT 3 Intra OOPs! DO NOT JUST BLOG FOR MONEY. Just because you see a review of a product or website doesn’t mean it is a paid post. Most posts or reviews written are based on voluntary works. Should you wish to purchase any articles written on RAT 3 Intra OOPs!, kindly forward your enquiries to Purchase of Article.

Our articles are based on per article and ranges from USD$10 to USD$65 per article and full ownership and publishing will be handed to the publisher. Our articles quality ranges on the amount being paid for the ownership.

If you pay us a low amount like USD$5, then you will get an article worthy for that amount. However should you pay us USD$40, then you will get a wide and comprehensive article. We have been paid USD$120 for an article for a publisher before and was given a good recommendation by them.

2) RAT 3 Intra OOPs! runs on Ads. Yes, we run on advertisement from PayPerClick, PayPerVisit to other forms of advertisement found in Adsense and NuffNang. The funds collected are used to support the hosting and maintanence of RAT 3 Intra OOPs!.

Where do you think we get the funds from? It’s not cheap to maintain a website these days…

4) Comments are well appreciated on RAT 3 Intra OOPs!. However we do not accept spam and your IP will be forever banned from entering RAT 3 Intra OOPs!. We hate spams, so don’t bother us with it.

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  1. blinkky says:

    June 19th, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    You’re right, linking back to site is necessary if someone want to use the article from our blog =)

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