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Network Disruptions

Friday, January 11, 2008 17:19
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We are made aware of our NETAPP Server gave way last night by our service providers in the East Coast, (Burlington, Mass).

As such, The following Services are down:
DNS Servers of BBS.NU (Note : 58 Domains and Servers are clustered there)
BBS.NU Community Network
Geeks Corner ( )
iExploreAsia Media
iExploreAsia Singapore
iExploreAsia US
iExploreAsia Media Malaysia
Gizmonet-intraweb Domain Services
Nufflets US Mirror (yes we do mirror them)
Singaporean in Europe
Athira Baby

Also Affected:
Perkahwinan ORG Banner Server [Cluster 10 / 13]
Kedai Dot TV
Kedai dot US
Marketplace , Banner Services, Advertising System are also affected.

Services not affected:

AZRIN INFO WEB aka SEO Engineering 101
Marlinda Radzi dot Com
My Kitchen Disasters

We will update you shortly.

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