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How to Surf the Internet Safely

Monday, June 8, 2009 1:47

With the internet ever revolving and constantly updated and used by millions of users every second, it is not uncommon when a user suddenly have a difficulty in using his internet browser to surf the internet. Some of the problems faced are multi pop-up ads that unfortunately still runs amok in many households. Some of the most serious cases can even lead to his account like Facebook or even personal banking account being logged in and used by another user other than the owner.

1) Why should I be wary of surfing the internet?

The Internet is vast and no doubt is a good source of knowledge it is also a playground for illicit programs that can harm your computer and even your bank account. Some examples of dangerous contents are virus, worms, trojans, spyware and malware.

2) How to even know whether the website I’m looking at is safe?

If you have an anti-virus, a valid one like Mc Afee, Norton or AVG, they will have a user interface tool bar that will show you if the website is safe or not. You will need to install the internet browser add on from the software itself. It is a good addition to your internet browser since it will notify you whenever you are about to enter a website that has malicious programs hiding and awaiting to just sneak into your computer without your knowledge.

3) How to identify that your computer is infected by malicious programs?

You won’t realise that your computer has been infected until your computer starts to work against you. If you experience multiple pop up ads at random, slow internet connection and your computer progres is chugging at a snail pace when previously was a race horse, then you can confirmed your PC is infected.

4) How to ‘cure’ my sick PC?

Like all viruses and influenza, the cultivation time for the virus to start destroying your PC will take a few days before it makes it presence.  Curing or bringing back your PC to its peak health takes a lot of time and a lot of patience because you need to constantly re-check with your anti-virus.

To get rid of stubborn spyware and malwares, you need to download a free software called SpyBot. Update the software to its newest library version before you run the software.

Then you will have to clean all of your private data of your browser so that the malware would not hide in between the cookies. To do that, you would have to open your Internet Browser.

For Mozilla Firefoz users, you would need to click on the TOOLS of your navigation bar found on top of your browser. Then click on the Click Private Data. Click all of the options in the window and click on CLEAR PRIVATE DATA NOW.

For Internet Explorer (IE) user, on your navigation bar found on top of your browser, click on Internet Options. Click on Delete Cookies, Delete Files and Delete History.

Once that is done, run your SpyBot software and let it scan. It will take 30mins to a few hours for a full scan to complete, depending on how large¬† your data files are. Once the full scan is completed, you can view how many files were infected. Click on the button to heal the infected files. Don’t worry if some files are not able to heal.

Run your anti-virus software. Do not ever attempt to download unsafe anti-virus softwares that proclaimed to be free and efficient. I would strongly suggest AVG free anti-virus if you ever need a free and good anti-virus. Other than that you can try the paid ones like Norton Anti-virus, Kapersky or Mc Afee.

As usual, update your anti-virus and then let the program run. Once its completed heal all the infected files. There! You have successfully completed in cleaning up your computer.

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