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How to earn extra with the upcoming recession

Sunday, June 22, 2008 5:30
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With the ever rising fuel price especially since the government has increased the price of fuel since they couldn’t afford anymore outrageous fuel subsidy in fear of draining the government coffers, workers have been scouring high and low for part time jobs and opting for more OT jobs. Can’t blame since with the fuel hike, all the items even the groceries have increased their selling cost to cover their increasing expenses.

While most of the workers in Ra Tree have been seen burning their evening and late-nights pouring out on their jobs just to get their OT and extra income, others have been sharing their experience in making some sideline cash via online. Le Vamp is partly to be blamed since she has been in this industry for donkey years and when word was out that she has been making money out of her hobby which most of us thought as her normal work routine, Le Vamp became an instant celebrity.

Poor Le Vamp finally admitted to her extra income to her starving and intimidating colleagues. Most of them can be seen having question marks in their eyes as she told them about how blogging can make money. How could anyone make any dollars from just yapping and gossiping their nonsense on a website?

Well surprisingly the system works almost like writing an article for a publisher. The only difference is that while writers get paid hundreds for an article, bloggers get paid a small amount per article depending on the PR of the website or blog. And instead of seeing the paycheck, bloggers are paid via PayPal and electronic online payment system that connects directly to your mastercard or visa card account to either debit or credit amounts from/ to the account.

While it make sense to some of her colleagues, most were still left clueless of the information given. It’s not surprising since Le Vamp has always interacted with technical terms instead of the usual human language. Poor greedy souls…

Anyway colleagues, please take note that whatever sideline jobs you are undertaking, as long as it doesn’t affect the company and your working output, you can continue. We don’t want to lose anyone of you due to your greed. Cheers!

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One Response to “How to earn extra with the upcoming recession”

  1. susan says:

    June 22nd, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    There are still great jobs posted on the web but since sites like Monster, careerbuilder and the usual suspects charge employers to post jobs, those sites dont have all the postings anymore. There are free sites that feature high paying jobs like

    Go for it!

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