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How to be economically wise

Saturday, June 28, 2008 10:53
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How do one survive in this ever rising living cost world? We the K-Poh team went around the office and interviewed some of our friends. While some gave good advice and some gave ridiculous ones, we have listed the best of the crop.

1) Do not spend on items that are not a necessity.
— Yes my dears, as much as we love to spend even on the little bit of items, sometimes we tend to buy items that are not even used by us, thus wasting our hard earned money. No matter how cute or techy the item looks, think. Do you really need to buy it? What are the frequency of you using it every month? If the answer is no and 2% frequency usage, then you might as well ditch the idea and save your money for something else.

2) Use public transport to work.
— No doubt we hate to share our personal space with strangers, public transport is the best way to cut cost on your transport expenses. When we say public transport, we meant the buses. No taxis. Look at it this way, you only spend RM2.50 max on your tranport fee single trip to work instead of RM15 worth of petrol. You no need to worry about traffic jam cuz there is a driver to take care of that problem, unless you are running late for work.

You just have to wake up a bit earlier for work, walk further (good for losing extra weight ladies) and bring a foldable umbrella with you at all times. It’s easy and very save cost. Why do you think Le Vamp and Ninja Turtle manage to have a better bank account standing than any of us…

Or you can try to organise a car pool with your colleagues if you still insist on not taking the public transport.

3) Pack food from home.
Forget ego and questioning looks cast at you when you walk into the cafeteria with a Ta-Pao food in your hand. They are just jealous not thinking about the idea sooner. Packing food from home not only save you large amount of money but it also tells your wife how much you love her cooking.

4) Use fan at home instead of air-con no matter how much tempting it looks. A fan only takes up a little of your electricity bill compared to air-con. Turn off all those unecessary lights and appliances when not in use.

That seems to be the only logical ideas that graced our minds right now. However should we find any more good ideas, we will be sure to update this category.

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