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Holiday away

Saturday, August 23, 2008 12:18
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It will be a VERY long holiday next weekend, since some of our staff up north will be going for the Elections, and then Friday is a normal standard off day up north, where lazy fat rat will try to get a long paid holiday. In view of the National Day on Sunday, and Monday is the replacement day, that the Tuesday is the replacement Holiday for the Start of Ramadhan and Wednesday for North Region, the lazy R & D rats will switch off for the WHOLE OF NEXT WEEK and THE WEEK AFTER.

So, apart from that, they will be back servicing the network after 10th Sept. Also, that the Lazy Rat is busy redesigning the Chocolate Sites and the other things that are still in use.

Vamp Rat will be on call. Scratch her day off even when she is dead with Chingunya Virus.

Happy National Day Malaysia
Lazy Rat @ GizmoNET Intraweb.NU PLC
Azrin.Net /

PS:Singapore customers who wish to collect the chocolates, please tell the factory know 5 days before hand!!

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