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Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 14, 2007 20:31
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Well, it’s the end of the year..and time of the year we clear our leave and stuff like that. Unfortunately, we have TWO LOGGER HEAD who run different offices. Well, THREE plus one Baby (or two at times).


20th Dec, (Thursday) Eidul Adha / Hari Raya Haji
25th Dec, (Tuesday) Christmas
January 1st (Tuesday) New Year

However, our NORTHERN REGION are a bit more fanatical, and since they deal with Europeans and American Business, they added a few more.

19th Dec , WEDNESDAY in lieu of Eidul Adha in Mekah, since Wukuf is on 18th. Boxing Day is also observed on WEDNESDAY 26th and Monday 24th is a Shut-Down in view of their Head Offices in UK are SHUT! The Eve of the New Year is also a BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY, so they will be shut. In view of the Wukuf is on TUESDAY, and since Saudi Arabia is within the Solar Sights, they are also shutting down on FRIDAY 21st, as it is a Holiday in the Northern States, and since Friday is a Holiday,it is also being brought on to 27th December, which is THURSDAY! 28th December is also a Non-Working Day for them.

In SHORT, Northern Region , European and American Offices are SHUT from 1130Hours (0330hrs GMT) on the 18th of December in view of the Eve of Wukuf and will back in Operations on 1330hours on WEDNESDAY 2nd January 2008. Irish, Italian and Scottish Offices are SHUT and will be back for business on MONDAY 7th January 2008.

Network Operations are always here, Remotely, even though the office is SHUT. The London Office will operate with NEW NUMBERS in 2008, so watch for it.

RA Tree Intra Holdings Operations and Head Office in JOHOR are always should be open,( unless the boss and crew got drunk with Lamb Shank BBQs and land themselves into Hospital for indigestion) and the emergency call numbers will still be answered.

NETWORK OPERATIONS will be running POST NOEL UPGRADES and checks. So systems are intermittent. Updates are needed and we try to minimize the downtime. I will try to make sure it is done as planned, but with over Terrabytes of Data to update and sync, we can try, hoping Telekom don’t play punk then, just as how much we take our absence.

In soothe, we wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Drive Safely, Drink and Drive don’t MIX!

See you next year.

From Me

Azrin @

The Lazy idiotic boss

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