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Blog Advertising is Good

Thursday, October 1, 2009 17:00
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Thinking of getting an extra pocket money online? Really hate getting cheated from the tonnes of web ads that promise you fast money? Same here…

I have been scouting for legitimates websites and companies that offers good pay for bloggers and great savings for advertisers. Apart from the usual websites companies we know who offers bloggers the opportunities to earn as they blog, BLOG ADVERTISING STORE, is also another website that offers blogger to get paid to blog.

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They also offers fantastic rates for advertisers who concentrates on traffic driving to their websites. Blog advertising really do work especially if the bloggers who writes the post are able to piqued the interest of their readers and drive them to visit their advertised websites.

Bloggers are not just some random person who blogs about the most inconsistent things of everyday happenings. Bloggers are people and whatever interests them, they will share their interest with the public and those who share their common interests.

Readers of blogs consists of family members, friends, friends of friends, strangers and even business owners. If they can keep their readers hanging onto their writings, then they are sure bound to keep their readers clicking on the hyperlinked words.

Back to the real topic at hand here. BlogAdvertisingStore is one of the great ways to earn some extra dollar for the month. They give out pretty fantastic rates on Job Writings Opportunities for bloggers to choose from. Their payouts are above $50 and once you reach that goal, they will initiate the payment to your designated paypal account.

They are consistently updating their system and news board, so you may know what is happening to them and if their network server is down like what had happened to another blog advertising company I know.

However their Job Opportunity may turn out confusing for multiple blog owners like me. Once you have submitted your posts to a reserved Job Post, the Qualified Opportunities is still white in color instead of Grey. I’m not sure if they have taken note of that mistake or not.

But overall its a great website to earn some and advertise some. You can also view their company at Yahoo Directory to get to know more about it.

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