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Wednesday, January 13, 2010 8:08
Posted in category Technical Faults

We will be having a down time for a few hours. Hopefully things would be online and all the errors cleared.

We apologized in advance for any inconvenience caused.

We Have Move!!

Friday, November 13, 2009 18:42
Posted in category Updates

Yes people! We have moved to a new location. Our office numbers have also been changed.

Our new address:

No 9, Jln Undan 5, Taman Perling

81200, Tampoi, Johor


Office number: +607-2356693

Blog Advertising is Good

Thursday, October 1, 2009 17:00
Posted in category Informative Listing

Thinking of getting an extra pocket money online? Really hate getting cheated from the tonnes of web ads that promise you fast money? Same here…

I have been scouting for legitimates websites and companies that offers good pay for bloggers and great savings for advertisers. Apart from the usual websites companies we know who offers bloggers the opportunities to earn as they blog, BLOG ADVERTISING STORE, is also another website that offers blogger to get paid to blog.

Review us

They also offers fantastic rates for advertisers who concentrates on traffic driving to their websites. Blog advertising really do work especially if the bloggers who writes the post are able to piqued the interest of their readers and drive them to visit their advertised websites.

Bloggers are not just some random person who blogs about the most inconsistent things of everyday happenings. Bloggers are people and whatever interests them, they will share their interest with the public and those who share their common interests.

Readers of blogs consists of family members, friends, friends of friends, strangers and even business owners. If they can keep their readers hanging onto their writings, then they are sure bound to keep their readers clicking on the hyperlinked words.

Back to the real topic at hand here. BlogAdvertisingStore is one of the great ways to earn some extra dollar for the month. They give out pretty fantastic rates on Job Writings Opportunities for bloggers to choose from. Their payouts are above $50 and once you reach that goal, they will initiate the payment to your designated paypal account.

They are consistently updating their system and news board, so you may know what is happening to them and if their network server is down like what had happened to another blog advertising company I know.

However their Job Opportunity may turn out confusing for multiple blog owners like me. Once you have submitted your posts to a reserved Job Post, the Qualified Opportunities is still white in color instead of Grey. I’m not sure if they have taken note of that mistake or not.

But overall its a great website to earn some and advertise some. You can also view their company at Yahoo Directory to get to know more about it.

What is a Web Directory?

Thursday, October 1, 2009 10:05
Posted in category Informative Listing

Firstly, a user must take note that a web directory is not a search engine. Many have made the mistake of thinking that these two are the same whereas they are two different entities. A web directory does not lists down all the pages (websites) based on keyword but instead categorised all the websites by groups that suits the websites best.

There are a few types of web directories and you can find some stated below:-

  • Free Web Directory:- Submission to this directory is free, no cost is charged.
  • Paid Directory:- Submission of listing in this directory is chargeable and usually comes in a package to draw more users.
  • Reciprocal Directory:- A link back to the directory is mandatory in exchange for your listing.
  • Affiliated Directory:- Directories earn commissions for referring customers to the sites listed in the directory.
  • Bid for Position Directory: Listers (website owners) have to bid or pay for a higher fee to be listed on their hot Ads Areas where visibility and click on rates are higher.

Usually website owners who listed their sites in these directories wishes to have more traffic coming into their sites. Shopping website owners rely heavily on this service as they need as much traffic as they can get to sell their online products.

Examples of well established web directories are Yahoo Directory, DMOZ and Google.

OFF for the Holidays

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 8:45
Posted in category Updates

Please take note that our offices will be closed for the festive season, Eid Mubarak, from 19th September 2009 to 22nd September 2009. We will be opened as per normal from 23rd September 2009. Thank you.

In the mean time, we would like to wish in advance a Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslims in the world.

Tips to Remain Fresh & Awake During Ramadan

Friday, September 4, 2009 10:16
Posted in category Tips to Take up

Yes it is once again the holy month of Ramadan, where Muslims worldwide abide the call Islam to fast and refrain from engaging in acts that may forfeit our fast. Fasting being one of the five pillars of Islam, it sometimes can leave a Muslim to be a little sluggish and tired before dusk sets where our breaking of fast takes place each day.

Thus there are are a few tips to pick up to ensure Muslims who are fasting worldwide remain a little a fresher and awake before the day ends.

1) During Sahur (Sahari/ Sehri/ Suhoor) consume a very heavy meal and water. This is essential as any breakfast meal which you will take whenever you wish to skip lunch. Consuming a heavy meal and plenty of water will provide the energy you need to go through your daily activities without feeling like a withered cabbage.

2) During your breaking of fast, control the amount of water you intake. Even though your throat is as parched as the desert, you still need to consume your meal. It will not be good should you become full by just consuming water only. Always try to eat a proper meal whenever you break your fast. You need to replenish whatever energy and nutrients your body had consumed during your fast.

3) Most of us feel tired and sluggish during the mid-day. Temptation to sleep is very high. If you can get a nap during your break time, do it. It will do wonders to your body and mind. If you are unable to get a nap, wash your face and try to do some stretch exercise for at least 15mins to get the oxygen to all parts of your body.

Hopefully the tips work for you! If you have any other ideas and wish to share it, feel free to drop us a comment!

Technical Issues Resolved

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 8:44
Posted in category Technical Faults, Updates

We have finally resolved the technical issue that had created quite a mess in our main website. For some users, they may have experienced a blank page error or a page redirect to RA TREE Blog in the past few days. No worries on that anymore since the website is now back online.

We have also ditched the old layout and system and scavage for a new and better platform. The is now more cleaner, More User Friendly and More interaction between viewers.

Viewers and Users can now leave your comments or even sales enquiry on the product page itself and our sales personnel will reply within two days. Users can now leave their email address and contact details on the comments list about products enquiries without having to fear their contact details being circulated around.

Enjoy browsing and don’t be hesitant to leave comments!

Technical Error

Monday, July 27, 2009 13:33
Posted in category Technical Faults

Due to a serious technical error, RA TREE will be temporarily down for maintanence. We regret for any inconvenienced caused.

Hopefully all errors would be cleared up by tomorrow.

Upgrades Underway

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 14:43
Posted in category Updates

Please take note that in the coming few days, we will be having a website maintanence. We will try our best to complete the maintanence and upgrades over the weekend.

Please do not panic should you face any problems trying to enter the site or browsing through the site. Your consideration and understanding is much appreciated.

In the mean time, please contact our sales personnel.

Practice good hygiene

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 13:11
Posted in category Tips to Take up

It looks that everyone is sick and the attempt to contain the massive spreading disease, H1N1, is proving to be too tough for every country. As the influenza is highly contagious especially air borne, it is best to take up some good practices for a good hygiene.

1) Always cough in a tissue paper or your hand if there isn’t any tissue paper around.

2) Wash your hands immediately after you cough/sneeze onto your hands.

3) Wear a mask when you don’t feel well especially if you suspect that you are having flu or a cold.

4) Always wash your hands after you use the toilet and if you there are any sanitizers, use them. You might be surprised at how many germs and bacteria you may receive by  just touching the door knob of the toilet cubicles.

5) If you feel unwell, do the responsible thing and try to only stay at home. Call your office and inform them of your condition and head immediately to the doctor wearing a mask. The patients who goes to the clinic are unwell people and you may not want to spread your disease to them and if you’re unlucky contract any from them also.

6) Get a shower or a bath every time you return from an outing. Germs and bacterias are everywhere. You do not know if the shopper beside you are infected with an incubated disease thus it is best to always get a shower after you return from an outing or work.

7) Change your beddings regularly. It is advisable to change it weekly. Bacterias and germs flourish in a dirty environment and unchanged and dirtied linens and beddings are a good nesting point for them.